Type 5 Gas Welding And Cutting Kit

£230.00 Inc VAT

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Type 5 Welding and cutting kit includes:

1 x Type 5 Shank, 1 x Type 5 cutting Attachment, 1 x Type 5 Mixer, 7 x Heavy duty Swaged nozzles, 1 x Tip cleaner, 1 x ANMS cutting nozzles, 1 x Combination spanner, 1 x Oxygen regulator

1 x Acetylene regulator, 1 x Flash back arrestors Acetylene, 1 x Flash back arrestors Oxygen, 1 x Triple flint lighter, 1 x Oxygen/Acetylene hose 10mtr

and packed in a heavy duty case with foam inserts

Total cost if bought separately (without box) £220.25

  • Model: TYPV503

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