Oxyturbo 200 Gas Welding Kit

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Oxyturbo 200 gas welding kit

A lightweight welding system with disposable gas cylinders in a metal carrier. Compact and highly effective, this Turbo set gives a greater flexibility for brazing, welding and heating applications, through a selection of 5 different nozzles. It is ideal for plumbing, air conditioning, refrigerating system repairs, automotive and maintenance use.

Each kit is equipped with :
- Metal storage carrier
- Oxygen cylinder 110 bar - 1 Ltr
- Map Pro cylinder
- Oxygen pressure reducer
- Map Pro pressure reducer
- Handgrip with adjusting knobs, lance provided with a 160/L nozzle and built in safety valves to avoid backfires and gas back flow
- 1 star with 4 nozzles 63 - 100 - 250 - 315 L/m
- 2m Hoses with connections
- Protective goggles
- Lighter

  • Model: OXYR772

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