Oxyturbo 110 Gas Welding Kit

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A small lightweight welding system with disposable gas cylinders in a space saving metal carrier. Compact and highly effective, Turbo Set lets welding hobbyists obtain professional quality welding. It is ideal for plumbing, air conditioning and refrigerating system repairs. Each set of cylinders will be ideal for approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.

Each kit is equipped with :
- 1Ltr 110 bar oxygen
- Disposable Turbo Gas cylinder
- Oxygen pressure regulator and gas tap
- 2m connection hoses
- Hand grip with adjusting knob and lance 80 lt/h, with two function flashback arrestors mounted in the handle
- Microset (for micro welding)
- Safety goggles
- Multipurpose spanner
- Lighter
- Filler metal with deoxidiser

  • Model: OXYJ772

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