Evolution EVO42 Magnetic Drill and EVO355 Steel Cutting Chop Saw Special Offer

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EVO42 Magnetic Drill

This incredible Magnetic Drill is deceptive in its capabilities; although small in size it revels in heavy-duty industrial and fabrication work. Versatile, accurate and portable, with strong magnetic adhesion (1300kg f). The cuts are precise and clean due to an optimised rotation speed (450min-1) and all popular broaching capacities are covered (12-42mm).

Usual Price £359.98 Inc VAT

EVO 355 Steel Cutting Chop Saw

The EVO355 is robust, highly durable and can handle even the most demanding on-site jobs! Typically a Steel blade will perform 900 cuts of Steel plate - before a replacement is required!* Ideal for cutting Steel plate, box section, cast iron pipe, scaffolding, cladding and roofing.

Usual Price £374.99 Inc VAT

Free 3 Piece 25mm Cutter Set

50mm/1" depth Weight: 0.5kg Includes cutters in the three most popular sizes of 14, 18 and 22mm depth Includes pilot pin  

Usual Price £40.99 Inc VAT

Free Cyclone Magnetic Swarf Collector

Fabricating in Steel can be a messy business, Evolution have the perfect tool to quickly clean up your metal shavings and scrap pieces.

Simply wave the Magnetic Stick over the metal shavings to pick them up, carry them over to your scrap barrel, pull the plunger and the shavings are neatly deposited. The Cyclone's magnet is strong enough to quickly clean up your biggest mess of metal shavings.

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