Anti Spatter Spray - Preweld Aerosol

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Pre-weld, is totally successful in eliminating weld spatter problems and associated re work costs, safe to use.
  • No Spatter Adhesion
  • No Fuming, No Odour
  • No Scraping or Chipping
  • No Porosity
  • No Corrosion
  • Excellent Visiblility
  • Better welds
  • Easy Cleaning
  • No problems painting etc.
  • Hugely reduced dressing times
  • Health and Environment friendly vegetable oil base
  • No harmful solvents. Non Toxic
  • Ergonomically balanced tin, biodegradable recyclable container

Pressure Spray not Aerosol
Genuine constant 360 degree spray
Compressed air pressure system
1 Litre container
600ml active product
Guaranteed 99% product emission
Approx 5 x life of standard aerosol

  • Model: NSP1007

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